How to attract Web Design Clients?

Recently I was talking to my friend Eric, who also does web design, about how busy I’ve been doing website design work. One of my other friends, a local service company worker, was telling me about their need for a new design.

Right there, I told Eric, “you see, there’s a never ending need for good web design.” But Eric didn’t buy it. He’s the type who feels uncomfortable going out and getting the work. He’s great at what he does, but he would much rather be handed clients and just work in front of his computer all day.

That’s when I realized the biggest difference between Eric and I. I love talking to people. And sales is nothing more than being able to talk, and most importantly listen. By just listening you can understand someone’s needs and pain points so much better then trying to talk your way into figuring them out.

So, just a nudge to keep you consultants going, get away from your computer and go talk to people. Talk to the small business owners where you go every day. Listen to them when you ask how business is going. Don’t push to sell, push to understand them. The sale comes naturally.

Start with Design

The web, she’s a changing.

Long gone are the Flash based websites and “web 1.0″ style designs. Heck, we’re even past “web 2.0″. Now we’re in a world that is focused on mobile, and interaction. The web has transformed from an information only society, to an interactive, life supplementing realm of greatness!

Okay, so maybe that sounds a little too enthusiastic, but you get my point. The web, and your website, now means much more to people who find it. They are not looking for a quick info fix nearly as often as they are looking for an interactive and enjoyable experience.

So what are you doing with your website to address this? How are you adapting?

Do you have a good web designer that understands this transition?

Do you work with an SEO expert that can position you online?

Are you improving your sales funnel to capture each and every possible lead, warm or cold?

You need to adapt, or be left behind. Consider this your warning.